What We Value


Truth is the biggie for us.

We’ve been in technology marketing for 30 years. We know what spin looks like and how misleading it can be.

We didn’t expect to find spin in health & medical research, but we did. Here, it’s mostly bias aligned with sponsors’ positions (more on this here), but it’s spin nonetheless. Thankfully, there is still independent research carried out, and that’s what we share with you.

This is a key reason we started Muscles & Marbles.

We want the truth ourselves – about how to stay strong, vital and in control – so we can keep up with our own grand kids, see the world and feel the wind in our hair.

Truth is scarce. Now that we’ve found it, we want to share it.


These days, respect seems like such an old-fashioned idea.

Take this example: the pimply teenage shop assistant who greets Kim, a total stranger four times his age, with ‘G’day mate’. It happens all the time.

At Muscles & Marbles, we think respect is important. It’s a simple principle that replaces a complete rule book.

We feel that, if we respect ourselves, our readers and the facts we find from sources we trust, everyone will be better off.


Taking responsibility seems to be a concept that’s almost gone for good. So many people these days want to just shift the blame. (Did anyone mention ‘politicians’?)

We dont. In fact, we want you to hold us responsible for what we do and say.


Noticed how rare this is, these days?

Kim’s doing his bit to keep it alive; he acknowledges all the checkout chicks (and guys, too), thanks them, remembers their names and greets them by name next time. They beam!

It’s a small thing that makes a big difference.

In our dealings with you, we will always be courteous. (We might be funny or challenging, too. If that’s too much, let us know.)


It’s a close cousin to courtesy, but this one disappeared decades ago.

We feel that consideration is thinking about the other person first. That’s the opposite of the neighbour who throws beer bottles into a wheelie bin at 6 in the morning or fires up the mower at 8.01 on Sunday morning.

That’s why, in our interactions with you, we will always be considerate. If you think we’re not, feel free to pull us up.

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