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This is what people are saying about the concept, the website and our eBooks.

Very relevant, easy to read, not too long and no bull. Enjoyable, too.

Tony V, Mosman, NSW

The amount of useful information in one short ebook was astonishing.

Christine J, Red Hill, QLD

I found the number and causes of cancer really shocking but it all makes sense somehow. No wonder there’s so much of it around even in so much younger people.  

Julie B, Orange NSW

You have a gift for writing that mercifully avoids impenetrable jargon, without dumbing it down to meaningless fluff.

Doug B, Ascot, QLD

This is an excellent book. Easy to read with lots of useful information, links to detailed research and practical steps.

Carolyn B, Thirroul, NSW

Readability is big for me. I read lots of scholarly health articles and most are tough to get through. I couldn’t put this eBook down!

Merryl, St Ives, NSW

Having read this eBook, I’m much more conscious of the risks of developing dementia, but now I have easy ways to reduce those risks. Thank you.

Josephine K, Hawthorn, VIC

Love the way you cut through the labyrinth of technical information with succinct material which is a pleasure to read.

Clive D, Newmarket, QLD

I’ll definitely be recommending your website and ebooks to my friends.   

Greg T, Wilston, QLD

About Us

Before Muscles & Marbles, we’d been helping people understand ‘technical stuff’ for over 30 years.
On the side, Kim is still helping people buy better wines.

Their feedback tells you about who we are, what we stand for and how we work.

Kim is a fearless advocate for truth, with a clear voice in an often-crowded world. Follow him and you’ll be informed and entertained, too.

Peter Bourne, The Wine Man

This is how all projects should be: clear objectives, well executed, timely, on budget, goals achieved. What more could you ask ?

Ian McManus, MyBusinessManager

Very happy to pay a small fee for what is one of the best weekly wine publications on offer. Keep up the great work.

Braydon D, BWU20 Subscriber

A very handy and well-thought-out site. It’s hard to find truly independent wine advice like this.

Scott T, BWU20 Subscriber

This is extremely comprehensive and thorough work.

Linda Lowndes, Microskin

Very impressed with how you work. You’ve given us what we’ve needed for a very long time:  what we do explained in plain English.

Sue Ranson, CommandHub

Your insight, knowledge and work ethics have delivered real value to our company.

Wayne Callen, ProtectElec Devices

The science had to be technically and legally correct as well as able to be understood by non-scientists. I can’t think of anyone else who could have done this.

Dr Peter French, Benitec Biopharma

Thanks again for doing all the hard work. I won’t rant anymore. You’ve heard the praise before many times and rightly so.

Merryl F, BWU20 Subscriber

Tracey’s no geek. She has an uncanny way of ‘getting’ complexity and describing it in simple terms. Geeks can’t do that.

Neville Pearce, Cybernet

I was looking for someone who would do a professional job. For me that meant acting as if they own the company. Tracey and Kim did that.

Andrew Stein, PolicyPoint

You have a gift for description that mercifully avoids all the bulls**it about the aromatic nuances of pear skins and Virginia tobacco leaf …

Doug T, BWU20 Subscriber

We need providers who understand our business and don’t need supervision. You’ve proven this many times and it’s why we regard you as trusted partners.

Peter Kazakos, PKBA

I’ve not been so entertained by wine writing since Zar Brooks penned his ‘Spittoon’ scandal sheet a decade or more ago.

Ron B, BWU20 Subscriber

Tracey is an absolute genius at this. Although she’s from a technical background, she can translate technobabble so normal people like me get it.

Paul Howdle, Loyalty Magic

Kim is an outspoken defender of truth, justice and value. I highly respect his opinions, his passion and his convictions.

Huon Hook, Wine Writer

Tracey and Kim have really rare skills. They can convert a mountain of complex information into something anyone can understand.

Catherine White, Roche Diagnostics

What you’re doing is absolutely magnificent!

Fred Schebesta, Freestyle Media

Really enjoying your site. It’s independent, refreshingly honest, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Chris B, BWU20 Subscriber

There must have been some stress behind the scenes for all of this to happen on time, but we didn’t hear about it. Everything was just fine on the day.

Jon Miller, The Remediation Group

I can’t imagine how much expertise goes into making these technical papers enjoyable to read. Not what I expected from a White Paper at all.

Tony Heitmeyer, CIBIS

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