While planning Muscles & Marbles, we spoke with friends, family and business associates. Some of them had questions, so we’ve added the most frequently-asked ones below.

If you have others, let us know. We’ll answer directly and add yours to this page.

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Where do you find this research?

As professional info researchers, we’re not scared to dive deep into huge research subjects.

Years ago, we used broad search queries and returned vast numbers of results. We painstakingly trawled through them, checked the researchers and their affiliations. We selected the independent ones and have kept following them. Most of our sources are researchers from recognised global institutions who publish their work in respected journals.

You’re not qualified doctors or dieticians. Why should I listen to you?

That’s precisely our point: we’re not doctors, dieticians, medical or clinical researchers. We’re information researchers with 30 years’ experience in technical fields. We’re completely independent and have no barrow or products to push, or doctrines to follow. That means, when we find new insights, we share them, regardless. We’re interested in facts not spin.

How do I know it’s balanced, not selective and biased?

That’s a great question. We want to be like that dying species: the truly independent investigative journalist.

We present all sides to a story and suggest which one we think is the most credible and why. We also link to all our sources so you can check and make up your own mind.

How do I know it’s not full of whacky, loony fringe ideas?

We’re very sensitive to this. We’re aware of the chasm between modern and alternative medicine and the potshots that each takes at the other.

We’re not on either side and we don’t venture to the fringes of either camp, where blind faith seems to take hold. We stick to the middle ground and give you both sides of the story so you can make up your own mind.

What qualifications do you have to share this stuff?

We have no medical or clinical qualifications; that’s not who are or where we focus.

We’re information researchers and technical writers, with over 3 decades’ experience, explaining complex concepts in Biotech, MedTech and InfoTech to non-technical audiences.

That’s exactly what we’re doing here: finding, translating and sharing the latest medical and health research from qualified, independent experts.

Why can’t I just go and find this research myself?

You can. If you have the time, experience and technical understanding to trawl, read and compare souces, we strongly suggest you do. In fact, we’d be delighted if you did check our sources and kept digging.

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find and you’ll understand exactly why we do this. It’s exciting, confronting and, most of all, vital stuff for us boomers to know.

This sounds like stuff I already know. What does Muscles & Marbles actually deliver?

Good point. Some of what we find you may have heard of; take ‘The French Paradox’ for instance. You may have heard that the French eat heaps of rich, fatty foods but have lower obesity and heart disease per capita than we do, here Down Under.

We dig deeper. We show you how the French Paradox was defined, based on what data. We then explain the paradox which is: you can eat full fat cheese, butter and pate de foi gras and still reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes – and lose weight. We give you all the science, in everyday English, with links to all our sources, too.

Do you guys get paid by any of these sources?

No. That’s a key difference at Muscles & Marbles. We don’t have any affiliations, side deals, comissions or favours with any information sources we cite.

We share with you what we use or like (for instance, ingrdients in the MMM! Anti-diet) but we nme them, we don’t link to them. That would look like affiliate marketing (being paid to recommend or ‘cash for comment’). That’s not our business model. We make our money from short, snappy eBooks, nothing else.

How do you guys make money?

We’re glad you asked.

We sell information products – comprehensive eBooks on prevention of chronic diseases like dementia, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. We explain the science and share the steps you can take to prevent, reverse or reduce your risks, which have been proven by those qualified to give advice. We have a weight loss eBook, too, which is also based on solid science.

All our eBooks are priced so every boomer can afford them. 


How is an eBook delivered?

We don’t send you an eBook, we send you a link to download, save and read it.

When you order, you’re presented with a webpage confirming your order and providing a link to download the eBook. When you click ‘Download eBook’, it will appear as a PDF icon at the top or bottom of your screen. Click this icon to save the eBook somewhere on your device which is easy to remember. Then, you can open and read it anytime.

We also send you an email with the same order information and download link. This is to enable you to come back and download the eBook and read it on up to 3 devices. We suggest you save this email too.

If you have any difficulty, just reply to the delivery email or use the reach us webform.

What format are your ebooks in?

To be honest, we took a risk and created them in familiar PDF. This way, we could include lots of images to break up the text and links to all our sources (rather than a tortuous bibiography at the end).

The choice of format was quite a balancing act. It made the eBooks tough to do technically, but much easier for you to read. This choice also means that internal links (to other pages in the same eBook) can’t be used, so we provide you with page numbers.

This format is risky for us because, technically, the eBooks can be shared. That’s against our commercial terms and we ask you not to do it.

What devices can I use to read your eBooks?

Desktop or tablet but not smartphone (because of static PDF format).

Most people read their eBooks first on a tablet, then come back on a desktop to check the references and create their action plans. The choice is up to you.

We know that some tablets can sometimes be tricky, so here are guides to downloading and reading our eBooks on Apple and Android devices.

How do I download my eBook?

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll see a webpage with details including a link to ‘Download eBook’. Click this and the PDF eBook will appear at the top or bottom of your screen (depending on your device). Save the eBook somewhere on that device where you can easily find it it. Then just open and read anytime.

You’ll also receive an email with the same details. This allows yo to come back and download the eBook to more than one device. Our eBooks are not designed to be read on smartphones.

We know that some tablets can be tricky, so here are guides to downloading and reading our eBooks on Apple and Android devices.

What does my eBook purchase buy me?

Your purchase provides you with three (3) downloads of each eBook over a period of 30 days. That is, you don’t have to read it in 30 days, you just need to download it in this time.

Three downloads are provided to accommodate up to three devices you may choose to read each eBook on. You can save each eBook but, under our commercial terms, you are not permitted to share it. See more in the next FAQ below and in our eBook terms.

Can I share my eBooks?

No. We appreciate that technically, you could share your login, password and even the eBook itself. However, sharing any eBook is strictly prohibited under the eBook terms you accept when you buy from us.

If you love the eBook (and we hope you do), we’d love it if you told your friends. Links to do this and share the eBook description are included at the beginnig and end of each eBook.

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