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Gift eCards for 1, 2 or 3 ebooks. Choose the value you’d like, personalise the message and email the eCard to a person you care about.

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Give the gift that keeps giving, to someone you care about: a Muscles & Marbles Gift eCard for 1, 2 or 3 guides. Give the gift of vitality. The perfect gift for every person, every occasion.

For your recipient:  You will receive an email with your unique Gift eCard code. To redeem your eCard either:

  • Click on the form in the email to go to the shop. Select the option you want (1, 2 or 3 guides) and apply code BB2 or BB3 if you want more than one eBook. Your Gift eCard value will automatically be taken off at checkout.
  • Or, copy the code from the email, go to the shop and when asked ‘Do you have a coupon?’, add the code into the coupon section. After that, add coupon codes BB2 or BB3 to get the Bundle Bonus if buying more than one guide.

Kim Brebach is a veteran information researcher & technical writer. He’s also a baby boomer & passionate cook.

Over decades working in IT, BioTech & MedTech with companies like Silicon Graphics, Novell & Roche Diagnostics, Kim researched & wrote hundreds of papers to make complex concepts easy to understand. Many say they’re a joy to read.

In the 90s, Kim’s first wife developed emphysema, a terminal disease. Searching for ways to ease her suffering, he discovered troves of health & medical research that none of her doctors seemed to know about. Much of it was about preventing disease, rather than trying to cure it once it had taken hold. After her death, Kim kept his finger on the pulse of preventative medicine research.

30 years on, Kim translates the latest disease prevention research into short, snappy, highly-readable guides. They’re focused on the diseases that keep boomers awake at night – dementia, cancer, heart disease and diabetes – with the ‘anti-diet’ as a bonus. Showcasing skills honed over decades, Kim transforms dry research into engaging ‘who-done-its’. Science has never been so enjoyable to consume.

Kim’s not a health or medical expert but he’s found thousands who are – and provides direct links to them all in his eBooks. You can read Kim’s full story here.


Muscles & Marbles was created for Aussie boomers like you – by two other Aussie boomers, Kim Brebach & Tracey James. It’s the place where you can learn to thrive for much longer.

Muscles & Marbles is where you’ll find cutting-edge health and medical research from around the globe, translated into everyday, often entertaining, English. Mostly, it’s about preventing the chronic illnesses that hold most boomers back – and revelling in ways to live life to the full.

It’s the place for you if you want to understand the latest science – so you can ask better questions and make better-informed decisions about your life.

There’s no other website like Muscles & Marbles.


Each of our guides is:

  • A PDF eBook in open, 2-column format with images, quotes & ‘one-click’ links to all research sources
  • Designed to be downloaded & read on desktop & tablet but not smartphone. (You can order by smartphone & download to read on 3 other devices). Download guides for Apple and Android.
  • Not to be shared or distributed. If you love it (and we hope you do!) please share the links we provide for this. By purchasing this eBook, you agree to be bound by our terms.

9 reviews for GIFT eCARDS

  1. Dennis Evans

    I’d prefer a higher value for a gift card, but I guess you only have three books so far. Will you be adding other products or services?

    • Tracey James

      Thanks for your question, Dennis. We thought about higher eCard values (say $75 or $100) but then people couldn’t spend it all at once, which we thought might be annoying. Yes, we do plan to add other services and that may be the time to increase eCard values.

  2. Suzanne Burt

    What a great idea! I can hardly wait until you have gift cards for all your books.

    • Tracey James

      Thanks you, Suzanne, we plan to add more eBooks and maybe other services in 2024.

  3. Jessica D

    I gave a three-book card as a gift to a girlfriend and she loved it. She said she’s bought two and will use the other when the heart disease one comes out.

    • Tracey James

      That’s good to hear, Jessica. We hoped it would give some flexibility. Thank you.

  4. Lyn Naismith

    Thanks for acting on my suggestion of gift cards. I’m sure others will like them.

    • Tracey James

      Thanks for making it, Lyn. We hadn’t thought of that before. Great idea.

  5. Mandy Chaney

    It might be a bit cheeky to suggest that a friend buys your anti-diet but, with a gift card, they can make the choice.

    • Kim Brebach

      Thanks for the feedback, Mandy. Tact is often necessary where weight is concerned!

  6. John Biviano

    I liked being able to write my own message. Giving something may give better health or a way to lose extra pounds needs a bit more than just ‘here it is’!

    • Tracey James

      Thanks for letting us know, John. We hoped that option might be handy.

  7. Andrew Hutchings

    Your ecards will go down well with friends, I think, when I tell them about getting healthier eating naughty foods and drinking wine. I hope they read the bit about moderation.

    • Tracey James

      Hey, Andrew, I think you’ve just given us the answer to: ‘how do you give someone a diet book without being insulting?’ Thank you.

  8. Maria C

    I have a few friends who could use your anti-diet book but I’m not sure how to tactfully send them a gift card for it.

    • Tracey James

      Hello, Maria, maybe give them the choice of which eBook interests them most?

  9. Maryanne Cherian

    I was given a 2-book card and chose anti-diet and dementia. I’m feeding my body AND my brain and losing a few extra kilos. The food choices are great.

    • Tracey James

      That’s wonderful news, Maryanne. We love the food, too!

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