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Well-researched, readable, with an action plan anyone can follow. Everyone should know this about cancer.” – Jenny Eathers, Haberfield, NSW.

Do you think that getting cancer is just bad luck?
As recently, as 2017, some researchers did too – but not anymore.

In this new, easy-to-read 95-page guide (for tablet and desktop but not smartphone) – that pools over 400 expert opinions – discover how you can:

  • Cut out foods, drugs & treatments that raise your risk
  • Make simple lifestyle changes that reduce your risk
  • Prevent up to 70% of cancers by the choices you make
  • Make your own luck fighting cancer in 10 easy steps.

Kim’s a veteran information researcher & technical writer in IT, Biotech & MedTech. He’s been making science appetising for over 30 years.

“Kim has a knack of making technical stuff a joy to read. I couldn’t put this ebook down.” – Peter Chalmers,  Deepdene, VIC.

Discover how the experts say you can cut your odds of getting cancer in Cancer: Make Your Own Luck.
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Kim Brebach is a veteran information researcher & technical writer. He’s also a baby boomer & passionate cook.

Over decades working in IT, BioTech & MedTech with companies like Silicon Graphics, Novell & Roche Diagnostics, Kim researched & wrote hundreds of papers to make complex concepts easy to understand. Many say they’re a joy to read.

In the 90s, Kim’s first wife developed emphysema, a terminal disease. Searching for ways to ease her suffering, he discovered troves of health & medical research that none of her doctors seemed to know about. Much of it was about preventing disease, rather than trying to cure it once it had taken hold. After her death, Kim kept his finger on the pulse of preventative medicine research.

30 years on, Kim translates the latest disease prevention research into short, snappy, highly-readable guides. They’re focused on the diseases that keep boomers awake at night – dementia, cancer, heart disease and diabetes – with the ‘anti-diet’ as a bonus. Showcasing skills honed over decades, Kim transforms dry research into engaging ‘who-done-its’. Science has never been so enjoyable to consume.

Kim’s not a health or medical expert but he’s found thousands who are – and provides direct links to them all in his eBooks. You can read Kim’s full story here.


Muscles & Marbles was created for Aussie boomers like you – by two other Aussie boomers, Kim Brebach & Tracey James. It’s the place where you can learn to thrive for much longer.

Muscles & Marbles is where you’ll find cutting-edge health and medical research from around the globe, translated into everyday, often entertaining, English. Mostly, it’s about preventing the chronic illnesses that hold most boomers back – and revelling in ways to live life to the full.

It’s the place for you if you want to understand the latest science – so you can ask better questions and make better-informed decisions about your life.

There’s no other website like Muscles & Marbles.


Each of our guides is:

  • A PDF eBook in open, 2-column format with images, quotes & ‘one-click’ links to all research sources
  • Designed to be downloaded & read on desktop & tablet but not smartphone. (You can order by smartphone & download to read on 3 other devices). Download guides for Apple and Android.
  • Not to be shared or distributed. If you love it (and we hope you do!) please share the links we provide for this. By purchasing this eBook, you agree to be bound by our terms.


  1. Sally S

    A vast amount of useful information in a small digestible package that’s easy to read and re-read.

    • Tracey James

      Glad you feel this way, Sally. We wanted the eBooks to be short but not light on substance. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

  2. Lisa Reynolds

    At first, I found the number of cancer causes a bit hard to believe, so I checked your references. Now I can see why there’s so much of it about.

    • Kim Brebach

      Thank you, Lisa, I found it hard to believe at first, too, so I kept digging. What I found was confronting but, sadly, consistent.

  3. Karen Dias

    I’m a lot more conscious of the risks of developing cancer, but the ways to reduce these risks look too easy to me.

    • Tracey James

      Thank you, Karen, yes they do and we were a bit sceptical, too. That said, if the experts say that more than half of all cancers could be caused by lifestyle choices, changing a few of them probably can’t do any harm.

  4. Susan Miller

    I like to form my own conclusions so links to your sources were important, and allowed me to weigh up the evidence.

    • Tracey James

      Thank you, Susan, we’re glad you found them useful.

  5. Lorna Hall

    An odd thing to say maybe, but I’ve never enjoyed reading about cancer so much.

    • Kim Brebach

      Thank you, Lorna. Your feedback is so much more than I expected.

  6. Chris Morrison

    I learnt more about cancer than I thought I needed to, but I’m grateful that I did.

    • Tracey James

      Thanks you for letting us know, Chris. There is so much to know about cancer.

  7. Peter Chalmers

    Kim has a real knack of making technical stuff a joy to read. I couldn’t put this ebook down.

    • Kim Brebach

      Glad you liked the style, Peter, it was quite a juggling act with a topic like cancer. Thank you.

  8. Catherine Scott

    We all know that a good diet is important anyway, but I had no idea that some foods can cause cancer and so can some drugs and treatments. It’s scary.

    • Kim Brebach

      Scary indeed, but it explains why there are so many cancers in people of different ages, these days. Thank you for your feedback, Catherine.

  9. John Goode

    This is a wonderful book. Masses of useful information with links to detailed research and trial results.

    • Tracey James

      Thanks you so much for this wonderful feedback, John. We’re so glad you found it useful.

  10. Christine Zamora

    Thanks for providing links to your references in each page, rather than at the end. It’s much easier check as I go.

    • Tracey James

      Really appreciate this, Christine. We were worried that the links might get in the way.

  11. Chris Odette

    You have provided an excellent guide to living a healthy existence and helping to prevent cancer. Of course, this will also help with other medical issues.

    • Tracey James

      Thank you so much for this feedback, Chris. We’re so glad you think this way.

  12. Sue Ellison

    I’m eating differently and managing my chronic issues differently, too. I can’t be sure I’m reducing my cancer risk, but I’m feeling the best I have in years.

    • Tracey James

      That’s wonderful to hear, Sue. Thank you for letting us know.

  13. Connie Vanderbent

    Well, I wasn’t planning to spend my Saturday afternoon reading, but it happened again! Couldn‘t put the cancer ebook down.

    • Kim Brebach

      Thanks so much, Connie. I really hoped it would be easy to read as well as informative.

  14. Paul Wenham

    The myriad aspects which can affect cancer shocked me but are treated thoroughly in this book. I learnt a great deal, once I got over my doubts.

    • Kim Brebach

      Thank you, Paul. I really understand your shock and disbelief. I felt the same way until the evidence piled up too high to ignore.

  15. Chris McCarthy

    How can so many common drugs be bad for us? Why aren’t our doctors telling us?

    • Kim Brebach

      Thank you, Chris. I was surprised, too. It seems that many GPs prescribe these drugs because they’ve been in use for years and are assumed to be safe. Keeping up with research on long term effects, especially on the general population, wouldn’t be feasible for most busy GPs, I’d guess. Happy to discuss this further if you’d like to email me on

  16. Michelle S

    At the start I was sceptical, but by the end I was informed and convinced. An important read that I’ve recommended to others.

    • Tracey James

      We’re thrilled to hear this, Michelle. There’s a lot of material here which isn’t common knowledge and, understandably, hard to get one’s head around. We were pretty surprised by it, too, at first.

  17. Andrew Johansen

    This cancer ebook is an excellent concept and you’ve achieved a first-class result. It would be of interest and importance to most adults, not just the over 60s.

    • Tracey James

      Thank you for this fabulous feedback, Andrew. I can’t tell you how delighted we are that you feel this way!

  18. Neville P

    This provides a comprehensive picture of the significance of cancer in today’s world. More importantly, it shows us ways to help prevent its onset.

    • Tracey James

      Thank you for this feedback, Neville. Glad you found it so practical.

  19. Jenny Eathers

    Well-researched, readable, with an action plan anyone can follow. Everyone should know this about cancer.

    • Tracey James

      Thank you so much, Jenny. Very pleased you found it so.

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