BABY BOOMERS were born between 1946 and 1964

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Discover the secrets behind 9 medical myths

...and thrive for years to come

So much useful info in a small package! I recommend reading this.
Julie S, Gardenvale VIC

I had no idea that so much of what I thought I knew was industry hype.
Robyn D, Newport NSW



How many common medical beliefs are no more than folklore. Some are so old, no one questions them anymore.


How these myths spell bad news for boomers, but the secrets they reveal could transform our lives.


How these secrets are backed up by 50 expert sources. How you can dig deeper for the juicy details.


  • 14 pages packed with insights – in plain English
  • Open format with images, callouts & quotes
  • Direct links to over 50 expert sources.

This eBook is free. It’s a taste of what’s in my comprehensive guides to preventing chronic diseases. These guides are roughly 100 pages long, each with 300-500 links to references.

I've believed most of these for years. Thanks for putting me straight.
Mark D, Ashgrove QLD

I learnt more than I thought I ever needed to in just 10 minutes.
Ian F, Fivedock NSW


Hello, I’m Kim Brebach, baby boomer & veteran information researcher.

I’ve been digging into technical places & translating what I find for over 30 years.

Researching for my guides about preventing chronic diseases, I got a shock:
a lot of what I’d accepted was out of date, folklore or just plain marketing hype.

I wrote this short, free guide to show you how important it is to check your sources
before you decide to believe new information – or not.

I hope you find this eBook illuminating.

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