BABY BOOMERS were born between 1946 and 1964

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Lose weight the food lover’s way

Eat, drink & lose weight. MMM!

I’ve lost 5 kilos eating duck-fat roasted potatoes & drinking wine. Not bad for a cake-loving couch-potato.
Connie V, Mosman, NSW

I’m like the UK survey said ‘I love food too much to diet’. Now I'm not and I'm losing weight. That's the way.
Ian R, Ascot, QLD



The real science behind why diets don’t work – and the ‘anti-diet’ does – from over 120 expert sources worldwide


How to save time & money using sneaky tips & shortcuts chefs would never admit to.


Step-by-step, how to cook scrumptious, satisfying, gourmet meals that shed weight & never leave you hungry


  • Weight-loss science explained, with links to 120 expert sources
  • 10 principles for losing weight & keeping it off forever
  • The dark side of weight-loss drugs like Ozempic
  • The few tools & ingredients you need to get started
  • Shortcuts that boost flavour & slice prep time
  • Easy recipes to cook 30 scrumptious, weight-shedding meals.

All in an easy to read 100-page, PDF-format eBook.

I did it! 4kg gone so far, cooking with cream, butter and fat. Love the taste. Ecstatic with results.
Gina R, Hawthorn, VIC

Red wine, chocolate and camembert? That’s my kind of diet and I’ve lost 3 kilos.
Robert A, Woolwich, NSW


Hello, I’m Kim Brebach.
I’m a boomer and information researcher who loves cooking – and eating.

In my research for books about preventing disease, I discovered that we boomers need
many of the ‘bad’ foods we gave up like cream, bacon and eggs, even red wine.

In fact, these foods & others help us fight disease AND lose & keep off weight.

Wearing my other hat as a passionate cook,
I put the science to work in recipes any boomer can follow.
Bon appetit!

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