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Take control & cut your cancer risk

Find out how - in 10 steps in plain English

Cancer eBook
Well-researched, readable, with an action plan anyone can follow. Everyone should know this about cancer.
Jenny E, Haberfield, NSW

Kim has a knack of making technical stuff a joy to read. I couldn’t put this ebook down.
Peter C, Deepdene, VIC



Where to look for the real causes of cancer. Most are close to home but few are in your genes.


How some common prevention practices do more harm than good. Where to look for safer alternatives.


Why the wait for a cancer cure could be long. Why taking positive action will make more impact, sooner.


  • The science explained in a relaxed, conversational style
  • Quotes from over 400 expert sources
  • Direct links to all references
  • Stories, quotes, images & explanations
  • A practical, 10-step action plan you fit to your lifestyle.

All in a 95-page, open format PDF eBook.

An odd thing to say maybe, but I've never enjoyed reading about cancer so much.
Lorna H, Clayfield, QLD.

This is a wonderful book. Lots of useful information and links to detailed research and trial results.
John G, Edgecliff, NSW


Hello, I’m Kim Brebach and I’m a baby boomer, too.

I’m not a cancer expert – but I’ve found over 400 researchers
from around the world who are.

That’s why this guide is unique.
It’s the first time the latest cancer research has been translated
into plain English & easy-to-follow action plans – in one place.

Making complex stuff easy to understand is what I am expert at.
I’ve done it for 30 years as an information researcher and technical writer
in IT, Medical Technology & Biotechnology.

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