BABY BOOMERS were born between 1946 and 1964

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Lose weight the scrumptious way

Discover how food-loving boomers do it


Gourmet food & weight loss don’t mix. False.

Drugs like Ozempic are the easy way to lose weight. False. The side effects are anything but easy to take.

Gourmet food is easy to prepare. True. Even beginners can do it. 



We love our food too much. That’s why diets don’t work. The ‘Anti-diet’ lets you love your food and lose weight.


How you can cook gourmet, weight-losing meals using sneaky shortcuts chefs would never admit to.


Step-by-step, how to cook scrumptious meals that are so satisfying you’ll never go back for seconds.


  • 97-page PDF-format eBook
  • Science behind fad diets and the ‘anti-diet’
  • Facts about weight-loss drugs like Ozempic
  • The few tools & ingredients you need to get started
  • Shortcuts to boost flavour & slice your prep time
  • 30 scrumptious, easy-to-make meals that will take the weight off, keep it off & have you loving every mouthful.



What people are saying

I’ve lost 4 kilos eating duck-fat roasted potatoes & drinking wine. Not bad for a cake-loving, couch-potato.
Connie V, Mosman, NSW

To be able to eat like this and reach my ideal weight is unbelievable. MMM? That's yummm to me.
Sally M, Ascot, QLD

Who is the author?

Hi, I’m Kim Brebach. I’m a boomer born in 1946.
I’m an information researcher and technical writer – and I love cooking.

I’ve been digging into technical places and translating what I find for over 30 years.
I’ve been cooking for much longer than that.

What I discovered about food and its role in medicine is astonishing.
Some foods help us lose weight & keep well, while others make us fat & sick.

I created this guide so any boomer could lose weight by cooking gourmet food, which is scrumptious AND healthy.

My other guides are about how boomers can stay strong & vital and avoid chronic illness.

All my guides are just $20 each.

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