BABY BOOMERS were born between 1946 and 1964

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Dementia is a normal part of ageing; we’ll all get it one day. False

Cancer is in your genes; there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. False

You can cook gourmet food that helps you lose weight & fight disease. True. Even beginners can do it. 



Learn the real causes of what we boomers fear most. Discover what you can do to delay or avoid Alzheimer’s Disease.


Learn why the wait for a cure could be long. Discover what you can do to take control & cut your cancer risk, right now.


Learn why fad diets don’t work. Discover that the best way to lose weight, keep it off  & fight chronic disease is not to diet.


•  Easy-to-read, PDF eBooks, each roughly 100 pages long

•  Research explained in everyday English, with images & anecdotes

·  Direct links to all sources so you can dig for detail

•  Practical, easy-to-follow, action plans (Dementia and Cancer eBooks)

•  Shortcuts, cooking essentials & scrumptious recipes (Anti-diet eBook)

All eBooks are $20.

What people are saying

How good is this for boomers - eat, drink and be healthy? I love it and it's working!
David F, Pymble NSW

Your ebooks are so short, concentrated and easy to read. Great value, too.
Sally B, South Yarra VIC

Who is the author?

Hi, I’m Kim Brebach. I’m a boomer born in 1946.
I’m a veteran information researcher and technical writer. I also love to cook.

I’ve been digging into technical places and translating what I find for over 30 years.
I’ve been cooking for much longer than that.

What I discovered about Dementia and Cancer was both shocking and empowering. The great news for us boomers is this: there are myriad ways we can stay strong & vital and fight chronic disease.  The right foods are just part of it.

I wrote these 3 ebooks so that any Aussie boomer can access the latest research on these vital topics – and make informed health choices.

All my eBooks are just $20.

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