BABY BOOMERS were born between 1946 and 1964

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Learn how to prevent
Dementia in 2023

What your doctor hasn't told you yet

“The first time global Dementia research has been curated for Aussie boomers”



Dementia kills 3 times more Aussie women than breast cancer. True.

Our risk of Dementia doubles every 5 years after age 65. True.

If we live long enough, 1 in 3 of us will die from it. True – if all we do is hope to be the lucky ones.



Expert opinions from around the globe, woven into a factual ‘who-done-it with more twists than a crime novel.


From the foods you eat & drugs you take, to treatments you have, your choices decide your dementia risk.


An 11-step action plan to prevent or reverse dementia, tailored by you to your lifestyle. You’ll love it.



What’s included

•  107 pages in open, easy-to-read PDF format;

•  Images, quotes from experts, anecdotes, humour;

•  Engaging story-telling style;

•  Links to over 500 Australian & global sources;

•  An 11-step action plan you’ll love sticking to – not just for the dementia benefits.

What people are saying

Every boomer needs to know this about Dementia. We don’t have to be sitting ducks.
Sue D, St Ives, NSW

This is like nothing I've ever read on dementia. I couldn't put it down!
Linda S, Windsor, VIC

Who is the author?

Hello, I’m Kim Brebach and I’m a boomer, too

I’m not a dementia expert – but I’ve found over 500 researchers
from Australia & around the globe who are.

That’s why this guide is unique.
It’s the first time global dementia research has been curated for Aussie boomers.

Explaining complex stuff simply is what I am expert at.
I’ve done it for 30 years as an information researcher and technical writer.

What I found about Dementia really shocked me – and I’d like every Aussie boomer
to be able to act on it.

That’s why this and all my guides are just $20 each.

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